STUDIOTONIC Spotlight; Decoy for ‘Synthesis‘ Exhibition


We are massive supporters of all things art & creative at Jam Park. We love having people collaborate with us and giving artists a space to explore and display their work is massively important to us. Jam Park has multiple dedicated areas for artists, makers and doers to display their creative work along with two artist studios.

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Decoy (@decoy_art)


“Decoy chooses to portray figures and objects with a vibrant palette. For him this emphasizes amusement and joy; a diversion from the mundane and a distraction from normality in everyday life. 

Cats have often been idolized as gods in many cultures across the world. As part of ‘Synthesis’ Decoy’s core piece “Where is my cat?” displays playful qualities of moments in a regular cat’s existence. Unreadable symbols and signs scrawled in the background pay homage to hieroglyphs in antiquity. Although it is also a reminder to not take things too seriously and enjoy the small things. 

Curating the show ‘Synthesis’ as part of Jam Parks opening, Decoy has selected four artists (including himself) to represent the contemporary mix found in Dublin’s urban art scene.”


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