Spaces + Hire

Jam Park

**Important Update** (Post Covid) 

We are now taking event enquiries for Q3/4 2020 – we have outlined a potential configuration of the event space at Jam Park to ensure the adherence to Governments guidelines. Please bare in mind, these are not set in stone and are subject to change. We will also have hand sanitisers and face masks throughout the venue 


At Jam Park we have 3 levels, with 7 spaces across all levels of Jam Park. These spaces are all available for events, parties, group bookings, private hire and more. Most spaces are modular and set up to accommodate all sorts of bookings. We’re open to all ideas and will do our best to make them come to life for you! We hosted events & parties for the likes Facebook, Slack, Bingo Loco, Jameson, 3FE as well as shows from some of the biggest acts around the globe.

If you don’t find what you need below just drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help.


Level 0

Ground floor entrance, lobby and meeting point.

Level 1: Event Space

**Potential Configuration** (Post Covid) 

Cap: 700 standing / 200 seated with social distancing measures in place 

The event space is fully modular and available for concerts, conferences, work parties, screenings, comedy, quizzes, exhibitions and activations.

The space includes 3 bars, 150 cap outdoor terrace with bar, cloakroom and a stand alone exhibition space


Funktion One PA
House lighting rig
1 x 10K lumen projector
1 x 4m motorised screen
4 x 65″ HD plasma screen
1 x FOH video matrix


*please note on all event space bookings we require full payment in advance and a copy of organiser’s public liability.

Level 2: Games Room & Party Cubes

**Potenial Configuration** (Post Covid) 

Games Room: 50 Cap 

Now available for private hire during live shows, with exclusive access to and from the main room.

Enjoy a private bar, pool table, dart zone and private restrooms. 


House PA, lights & 65’’ HD plasma 


Party Cubes [4 in total]: 10 Cap 

Now available for private hire during live shows, with exclusive access to and from the main room.

Enjoy an exclusive window overlooking the main room with table service for the night. 


PA with mp3 input,  50″ HD plasma, HDMI connector, karaoke machine, tables, benches. You may need to bring your own leads per your laptop or a chromecast etc. 

Level 3: The Rooftop & Eatery

**Potential Configuration**(Post Covid) 

Rooftop (Covered + Uncovered) Capacity: 150 

Enjoy this open-air rooftop with a private bar, a large smoking area and an exclusive elevator to take you to and from the main room. 


House PA & mobile DJ booth


Private Rooftop Area Capacity: 30 

This area is curtained off and overlooks the main room. With this area you will have your own private bar and beer garden. 



Parties/Events 2021 

Outdoor Rooftop (Covered + Uncovered)  Capacity: 350 standing | 120 seated 

Our open air rooftop can be hired for all sorts of events, bookings & parties from BBQs, (see package here: Jam Park Rooftop Parties Packages Deck-2) markets and rooftop cinemas to bingo & quiz events and rooftop club shows. 20% of the space is covered, with sunlight inside. Please note there is no smoking permitted in the covered space. The rooftop has its own private entrance separate to the main venue, as well as its own bar, this access is only necessary for large private bookings / events. 


House PA & mobile DJ booth

*please note volume restrictions may apply.

Indoor Eatery Capacity: 100 Seated | 300 Standing/Seated

This casual space suits groups and events looking for a bright and airy space. Chairs and tables can be removed to suit your requirements.  Please note for groups of less than 200 people, there will be a small reserved area for walk-ins to the right of the eatery. 

Level 3 can be booked exclusively – the space can hold 700 in total including inside + outside.