Shuffle Board

Not too many shuffleboard courts around this neck of the woods. Think of it like curling (the funny sport on ice), meets darts. All equipment, will be provided on the night, shuffleboard rules are listed below. Perfect game for groups.

Shuffleboard Opening Hours:

Fridays: 5pm – 11pm 

Saturdays: 2pm – 11pm 

Cost: 10e per court per hour. One round of ping pong free for all that book in for Eatyard Motel. 

Shuffleboard Basic Rules (L1)

  • Each player (team) gets a push stick & 4 x discs known as biscuits
  • Object of the game is to out-score your opponents by pushing biscuits into marked areas on the opposite end of the court. The player whose first to reach 75 points, or the player with the highest score after 10 complete rounds, wins the game (whichever comes first). If both players or sides reach 75 on the same turn then the player with the highest score shall be the winner.
  • Each player has 4 discs known as biscuits. You need to get your own disc into the scoring areas while pushing your opponents discs off the court.
  • Each scoring area has a different number value. The first player / team that reaches 75 points win.
  • If you use the wrong biscuit minus 10 points


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