Arcade Games

Games: Ghost buster / Guitar Hero / King of the Hammer / Dance Machine / Foosball / Time Crisis / Street Fighter / Donkey Kong / Claw Machine / Pong / Air Hockey / Pool / Speed Racer / Shuffle Board

Available to play/book from 12pm – 10pm Thurs – Sun.

**You Can order Food & Drink directly to your area via your phone**
Check the menu out here  

How to book: Click the ‘Book Now’ button and in the ‘Customer Requests’ stick down ‘arcade games’
Costs: €2 per game

Please note a few things in terms of new guidelines and systems for operating under Covid:

Please wear a facemask on arrival to your table, when going to/from your table to the toilet, and when leaving [ if you forget yours, we’ll have some on sale at the entrance] 

Please wash your hands regularly. We’ll have hand sanitizers at entrances, toilets and on request. You can also purchase bottles of it too, to have on you at all times, or takeaway

Please practice social distancing with your friends, and stay at your table/area. Do not cross over to other areas or tables. 


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