• 05.09.2020
  • 7:00 pm
  • 10:30 pm (finishes)
  • Music
  • €37 - €47
  • Level 1



BrainStorm take to our stage to show & tell their story of 30 years in action.


About the Band 

The new show “Musical Stories” is a conceptual program that will fan out your favorite compositions and fresh collaborations of the collective. BrainStorm drummer Kaspars Roga created a unique production for the concert, where the sound range is supported by home video from the band’s archive and light dramaturgy.

In the set list of the concert, songs that absorbed the history of the group: “Lidmašīnas” – the main hit of the young “BrainStorm”, “My star”, which reached the final of “Eurovision”, “Maybe”, which opened the group to the world listener. “Wind”, “Weekend”, “Colder”, “Thunder Without Rain”, “You are not alone”, “Contacts” – the band will choose the most iconic and favorite compositions for itself, as well as play several premieres.

In February 2019, the film “7 Dinners” was released, where “BrainStorm” played themselves and performed the title song “Motive”, and in April, on Rain’s birthday, the Rain channel played a bright set with special guests. In the summer, “BrainStorm” became the headliners of the festivals: “Ural Music Night”, “Life Fest” and “Chernozem”, and in St. Petersburg they held “EXIT” – a unique home festival on the roof. On July 20, “BrainStorm” completed the home part of the “Skārda bungu Ture” (“Wonderful Day”) tour in Latvia, whose concerts were attended by more than 150,000 people in six cities, which was an absolute record for both the group and the artists of the Baltic countries.

The phenomenon of “BrainStorm” is the fusion of three language cultures: Latvian, Russian and English. A group from a small country in Eastern Europe has become a worldwide phenomenon, overcoming translation difficulties. Amber heat emanates from them. Baltic intellectuals, confidently and gently blowing up stadiums. BrainStorm is called the “sandbox ensemble”, because these guys managed the incredible thing – to make real boyish friendship from the provincial courtyard to the world stage.

“Every morning begins with a warm-up and coffee with honey. Go out to see – seagulls screaming over Riga, summer, apples full of trees. A concert is a part of life that happens every day. We are getting ready and waiting for the whole Jam Park, ”- Renars Kaupers.

Duration: 2 hour

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